aura wealth advisor

We use a consultative process to offer customized choices and solutions designed to fit each individual’s needs in close consultation with you the client.

The wealth management process

  • Investment consulting is the core-we work with people to help them make smart decisions about their money (About 94% of all advisors do this and some are very good at it.) In addition to this we also deliver four advanced planning services.
    • To learn more about our investment philosophy please click hear to read our White Paper.
  • Advanced planning - addresses the range of financial needs beyond investing
    • Wealth enhancement - services designed to minimize the share of your income going to income tax
    • Wealth transfer - identify and facilitate the most tax-efficient way to pass assets to succeeding generations.
    • Wealth protection - shield wealth from litigants, creditors, children, in-laws and/or ex-spouses.
    • Charitable gifting - about of highly successful individuals have some interest in long term support of charitable causes through private foundations, donor-advised funds, charitable remainder trusts, or charitable lead trusts
  • Relationship management - We act as your personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
    • Client relationship management - ongoing consultative process to fully understand your critical needs and meet those needs over time
    • Expert team management - assemble and manage a network of financial experts and professional advisors including attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and others. (click to our team of experts page)