The Foundation Of Our Process is Relationship

We limit our practice to a select group of clients where we can add significant value.  The first step in our consultative process is the “Discovery Meeting” where we explore your financial goals to determine whether we are the right firm to help those goals.

This meeting is not to draw up one of those financial plans that will draw dust on your shelf.

This meeting is simply to:

  • Help us understand your most important financial issues.
  • Collect all information necessary to assess your suitability for our exclusive services.

If it appears we may not be the best firm to assist you in reaching your goals we will recommend a firm which is better-equipped to provide the solutions you need to achieve your goals.

If it appears we are the right firm to help you achieve your goals we will collect the necessary information to proceed to the next step in the wealth management process which is to develop an investment plan and then work together with the financial experts on our team to develop a full wealth management plan.

Contact us today to schedule your “Discovery Meeting” and see what a difference our Wealth Management Service can make in your life.

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Aura Wealth Process