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Because educated investors are the most successful investors, we take the time required to systematically address your entire financial picture, empowering you to make the best financial decisions possible.

Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Your Financial Life

Our philosophy of business is simple, we focus on building long term relationships with our clients to implement a holistic approach to wealth management.

We define wealth management as a formula:
WM = IC + AP + RM

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Aura Wealth Investment Consulting

Investment consulting (IC)

Investment Consulting is the astute management of investments over time to help achieve financial goals. It requires advisors to deeply understand their clients’ most important challenges and then to design an investment plan that takes their clients’ time horizons and tolerance for risk into account and that describes an approach that will maximize clients’ probability of achieving their goals. It also requires advisors to monitor both their clients’ portfolios and their financial lives over time so that they can make adjustments to the investment plan as needed.

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Aura Wealth Advanced Planning

Advanced planning (AP)

Advanced Planning goes beyond investments to look at all the other aspects that are important to your financial life. We break it down into four parts: wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable giving. In our experience, very few financial advisors offer these services.

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Aura Wealth Relationship Management

Relationship management (RM)

Relationship Management is the final element. True wealth managers are focused on building relationships within three groups. The first and most obvious group is their clients. To address their clients’ needs effectively, they must foster solid, trusted relationships with them. Second, wealth managers must manage a network of financial professionals— experts they can call in to address specific client needs. Finally, wealth managers must be able to work effectively with their clients’ other professional advisors, such as their attorneys and accountants.

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